spatial harmony

bring peace to your living space

interior design – exterior design – clutter clearing

Would you like your home to feel like a sanctuary?

A peaceful haven of renewal instead of another pile of stuff to deal with? A lovely environment that reflects who you are and what you love instead of a Pottery Barn ad?

Creating functional, peaceful environments is what I love to do. Whether you’re starting from scratch with all new items or just want to make better sense with what you already have, I can help.

Figuring out what goes where, featuring favorite items, clearing out clutter, and creating systems to make the space more orderly and functional are my specialty.

Whether you are drawn to Marie Kondo or Feng Shui, the result is the same. An environment that sings and brings you joy.

Decluttering and Refreshing Spaces

We are all inundated with STUFF! It’s hard to sort through for many valid reasons, whether it’s still justifiably useful or a sentimental piece. Getting started is the hardest part, but I can help with that! Organizing and creating systems to decide what to keep or donate, what to look at every day and what to store, will help to make your home, office, garage or yard a beautiful place you can’t wait to get back to. Finding just the right place for everything gives the space a feeling of being settled and calm. Renewing, refreshing. Like home.

Design Services

Where should the couch go? The space is missing something, what does it need? What am I going to do with this heirloom piece from my grandmother? How can I increase the function and beauty of my home, porch or office?

Interior Design Without the Price Tag

Is this Interior design? Kinda, but without the price tag. Organizing, sorting and decluttering? For sure, but if you’d like to make it pleasing to the eye we can do that, too.

Whatever your lifestyle and budget is, you can have a space that feels cozy, welcoming, and like an expression of YOU! Intuiting how objects relate in space and where they want to be in a room is my specialty. Creative problem solving, small-scale building solutions and making art are also in my wheelhouse.

Working with people to figure out what works for them is my favorite part. You will love the results, so let’s get started!

About Jill

A lifelong artist with an eye for detail and design, Jill has always enjoyed arranging spaces and bringing order, beauty and harmony to the places we live in. She has a strong sense of how objects go together to create flow and peace in an environment. She is also a Reiki Master and incorporates this attunement to the energetics of a place into her process, along with an emotional sensitivity to the process of cleaning and clearing spaces for the client.

five star rating

I absolutely love the spaces Jill transformed for me. Her approach is relaxed and fun. She listened to my needs, discerned my style and requirements, and used what I had to create unique and functional spaces that bring me and my family so much joy. She dove into hands-on tasks, climbing ladders and trees to make sure the job was done right. She truly goes above and beyond!

TH, Santa Barbara

five star rating

Jill came over and made magic in my backyard, a space I was previously not even able to use. She looked around, used what I already had, and created an area that I can not only entertain in now, but look forward to relaxing in every day!

SE, Goleta

five star rating

I left home for an hour, and when I returned, Jill had whipped my kitchen into an incredible zone of calm and functionality! She implemented new systems for me to be able to keep the sense of order based on what works for me, and I’m still maintaining it! My “new” kitchen gives me so much joy that I look forward to working in it all the time!

SG, Westcliffe, CO